Recognising a wide range of exceptional individuals and organisations
and raising awareness of the amazing work they do.

Winners Recognised 
at the
Rhino Conservation
Awards 2020

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Speech at RCA 2019

I am delighted to be here for this beautiful gathering tonight. And above all I am delighted to see you all again for this important event, four years after I first attended this ceremony.

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Dr Larry Hansen, and Miss Xiaoyang Yu, founded the Rhino Conservation Awards in 2011 to recognize significant role players involved in rhino conservation in response to the poaching onslaught that Africa’s rhinos were facing. The awards are once again made possible with the support of sponsors ZEISS and China New Enterprises Inc, endorsed by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and are hosted by the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa.

The Rhino Conservation Awards have broadened their focus from rhino conservation to endangered species conservation. The primary objective of the awards is to give recognition to the leading role players in endangered species conservation and in doing so raise awareness of their amazing work.

Often facing physical danger, political opposition and severe financial constraints, this selfless group of conservationists continue to work to save Africa’s natural heritage. The awards serve to motivate these dedicated men and women to keep fighting to ensure the survival of our endangered species for the benefit of this and future generations.


1. Best Field Ranger:
This must be an employed field ranger who works in the field ensuring the biological and territorial integrity of a protected or conservation area and whose work directly benefits endangered species conservation.

2. Best Game Ranger:
This must be an employed game ranger who works in a management or supervisory position ensuring the biological and territorial integrity of a protected or conservation area and whose work directly benefits endangered species conservation.

3. Best Conservation Team:
This must be a team or entity working in a professional capacity on a full-time basis in the field of endangered species conservation with a clear track record of excellence in protected area management, conservation management, counter-poaching operations, biological monitoring or a related conservation field.

4. Best Conservation Supporter:
This must be an individual, team or entity that plays a significant role in supporting endangered species conservation in any field including but not limited to scientific research, awareness, advocacy, education, investigations, prosecutions, judiciary, political support, community relations or fund raising.

Who can nominate?
The Rhino Conservation Awards welcome members of the public, non-profits, individuals within conservation organisations and governmental entities across Africa to submit their nominations for these prestigious awards to recognise outstanding conservation work in their sector.

Click here to download the 2021 Nomination Form PDF


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